24 June - 30 September (Every day, 10 AM - 6 PM)
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Workshop: 'Being succesful as a photographer' by Evelien Kunst

Delivering a great photography pitch is an art: photography and marketing consultant Evelien Kunst is giving a workshop for everyone who wants to be succesful as a photographer. 


About the workshop

A succesful photographer isn't just someone who is visually trained and has an eye for the spotting and developing of great visual stories. A succesful photographer is also someone who knows how to place their work into context, who can substantiate the importance of their work, who can market themselves, and who has networking, negotiation and organisational skills.  

Evelien Kunst is a freelance professional photography and marketing consultant. On June 25 she will give a one-day workshop entitled 'Being succesful as a photographer'. The workshop is held in the Loodswezen in Antwerp, from 10 AM until 5 PM. There are 15 spots available and the fee is €175 per person. The Loodswezen will be exclusively open for participants of the workshop. The workshop is Dutch-speaking.

You can register here.

Festival week

This workshop is part of a festivalweek packed with activities for photographers and photography lovers. Stay tuned for the full programme.